Action is Primary Dinner Party #2

By Meg Foley/ Moving Parts Dance (other events)

Wednesday, April 20 2016 6:00 PM 9:30 PM

This dinner party, the second of two, is an intimate evening-- part performance, part discussion, part party-- that includes an informal showing of aspects of the Action is Primary practice and exhibition with a conversation facilitated by Simon and Kelsey amongst the attendees.

How do you encounter the work?
What is happening now, what does it do to you, and what do you do to it?

Each dinner party offers an in depth opportunity with the practice and performance. With the core collaborators Meg Foley, Kristel Baldoz, Marysia Stokłosa, and Annie Wilson, you will gather with us to share a meal and tease out specific, critical conversations with relevant voices in the arts community. We are organizing two dinners, each hosted by a different creative thinker or cultural producer. This is a communal breaking bread, extending the collective and discursive nature of the project into the domestic, everyday context of the practice. We hope you will join us.

Limited tickets available (reservations required), so reserve now. Purchasing this ticket reserves you for the performance on April 20th.

Meg Foley/ Moving Parts Dance